Whats It Like Being A Panel Beater?

Most vehicle owners, especially car owners have a lot of dents and scratches on their vehicle . To get the dents removed, they use the services of the panel beater and often complain about the large amount which they are being charged for having the dent removed. Since most young people are interested in a career which is well paid and where there are a large number of jobs, they would like to find out is being a panel beater a good career. There is no definite answer to the question, it largely depends on the personal preferences of the individual, his aptitude, skills, and interests.

Becoming a panel beater can be a good career option for a person who is interested in working with cars and other vehicles. If the person enjoys doing manual activities, is practical, enjoys working with tools and machines, he will find the work interesting. The person will have to handle many tools, so he should have good coordination of the hand and eye. Since the person will have to handle large metal pieces and move them, he should also be physically fit. The person should have good judgement and accurately assess the kind of repairs which will be required, to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

This will help in estimating the repair cost accurately. Most panel beaters have to work long hours, sometimes they may have to work in shifts or on weekends. Most people become panel beaters independently, only after they have worked as an apprentice for a few years with an experienced panel beater. The duration of the apprenticeship will vary, however typically training will take three to four years in Australia. Since the number of vehicles on roads in Australia is increasing every year, the demand for panel beaters will also increase. Hence it is usually easy for a trained panel beater to get a well paying job.  If looking for an apprenticeship , we recommend reaching out to people who are successful in the industry such as David Deicke.