Trending Reebok Shoes in Australia

Australians love Reebok. It is probably the British pedigree or simply because the brand makes some of the coolest apparel and shoes on the planet. Below you will find the trending Reebok shoes in Australia today.


Club C 85

If you love Reebok, then you would love to display its iconic logo in full view. The vintage Club C 85 wears the Reebok logo proudly. This is a new rendition of the brands classic pair. Updated for the modern times, the Club C 85 features a soft leather upper that provides excellent support. The cushion in the midsole will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. It also has a rubber outsole that is as durable as outsoles can get.


CrossFit Nano 9

If you do Crossfit then you know the importance of having reliable footwear that can take the punishment of your W.O.D. This shoe combines performance and all-day wearability. And it also looks very stylish. To make the perfect CrossFit shoe, Reebok actually reached out to CrossFitters and asked them what they need from a footwear. Reebok listened and the result is the CrossFit Nano 9. It has a fit that locks your foot in and a midfoot support cage that provides the stability you need when you lift weights.


Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes

The 90s are back and if you want to be in style this year then you need to have an updated 90s trainer like the Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes. This is one fun-looking shoe that will surely make heads turn. The retro vibe will take you back in time while the updated design will give you comfort that only the modern world can provide. This is one-bold looking shoe that is perfect for the Aussie street scene.


Aussie Reebok lovers should not miss out on the trending shoes above.