Tips for Buying Kids Designer Clothes on a Budget

Written by: Casucian61


When you’re looking to save money, one way to do so is by purchasing clothes from brands that aren’t so well-known or pricey. Designer kids clothes are typically overpriced due to their brand name and popularity, but some brands offer designer clothes at reasonable prices, like Buckets and Spades. Here are some tips on how to buy designer kids clothes on a budget from Buckets and Spades:


1. Know the size of your child.

If you’re buying designer kids clothes for an infant or toddler, keep in mind that sizes differ from brand to brand. Before you purchase clothes, measure your child and determine what size he or she is according to his/her brand. If that brand runs small or large by a size, then be sure to purchase clothes that are either one step up or down in size to ensure that he or she will be comfortable in them.


2. Don’t buy clothes in the wrong season.

Always make sure to purchase clothing for your children during their appropriate seasons. For instance, it would not make sense to buy swimwear for a baby who will not be able to use it for several months or even years, especially if you live in a climate where the temperature dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The same should go for winter coats if you live in an area with mild winters or no snowfall at all. Buying kids designer clothes during the wrong season can do more harm than good — they may be cute (and you may end up having to buy them again), but they won’t get a lot of use out of them at kids designer clothes at Buckets and Spades


3. Know where to find deals.

Pottery Barn Kids has sales several times a year, and Buckets have sales several times a month. You may also be able to find designer kids clothes on sale at other retailers or even secondhand shops. These shopping suggestions will help you save money and still allow you to purchase trendy clothing for your children.


4. Allow your child to pick out his or her clothes sometimes.

Kids do not really understand the concept of “paying” for clothing, so don’t be afraid to let them pick out his or her own clothes on occasion. Some kids don’t have such ingrained habits yet, and you may wish to give them more choices based on their mood or preferences.


Designer kids clothes can be obtained without spending a lot of money. In addition, it is important that parents don’t force their children to wear clothes that are too big for them. If you have a child who is hard on clothing, then you may wish to invest in clothing with higher quality and durability to ensure that your child won’t grow out of his or her favorite outfit before it is worn out.