Introducing the world's first silent wind turbine

Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA) is the owner of the world's most advanced silent wind turbine known as the Eco Whisper Turbine®.


2 models

There are 2 models: the Eco Whisper Turbine 650 that generates up to 20 kW (now selling) for commercial/industrial applications and the Eco Whisper Turbine 325 that generates up to 5 kW (in development) for smaller or residential power needs.


30% more power

The award winning Eco Whisper Turbine™ features a unique 30 blade design that is virtually silent and up to 30 percent more efficient than traditional noisy 3-bladed designs.


Smaller footprint

  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 650 stands 21.1 m high. It can achieve high energy outputs in low or high winds with a footprint of only 21 m2. In comparison, solar requires 250 m2.
  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 325 stands 19.6 m high. It can achieve high energy outputs in low or high winds with a footprint of only 19.6 m2. In comparison, solar requires 50 m2.


Proven & now selling

Following two years of development and testing in Australia, Eco Whisper Turbines has successfully completed the commercial installation of the turbine in Tullamarine. Read the media release.

Since its launch in October 2011, the turbine has attracted considerable interest. It was a finalist in the 2011 Australian Cleantech Awards and was recently awarded a $250,000 commercialisation grant from the Australian government.

More recently, the turbine was awarded the 2012 Queensland Premier's Sustainability Award in the Innovation in Technology category.



The Eco Whisper Turbine is designed to offset small to large energy requirements. It is suited to:


  Commercial, manufacturing and industrial sites

  Airports, ports, mining resource facilities, council sites and industrial development sites.


  Urban development sites

  Shopping centres, industrial parks, schools, universities and more.


  Agricultural/rural sites

  On and off grid application with a particular focus on remote communities and diesel



  Domestic sites

  Small properties, residential homes, council sites and some smaller commercial facilities.



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  • Operates virtually silently and can be lowered in extreme weather events
  • Collects wind more efficiently and there are no turn away losses
  • Delivers more energy from more common wind speeds than three bladed designs
  • Performs well in all wind conditions (lower start up speed compared to competitors)



  • Australian designed, manufactured and patented
  • Model 650: 20 kW (peak rating), horizontal axis, 6.5 m blade diameter (30 blades) and 21.1 m in height
  • Model 325: 5 kW (peak rating), horizontal axis, 3.25 m blade diameter (30 blades) and 19.6 m in height
  • Solid lightweight structure that is half the height and blade diameter of three bladed designs


See the turbine in action  



> Brochure (650 & 325)

> Tech Specs - Model 325

> Tech Specs - Model 650

> FAQ (650 & 325)



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