Is Fraser Suites in Sydney a Nice Place to Stay?

Is Fraser Suites in Sydney a Nice Place to Stay? Yes, it sure is and they offer Sydney long term accommodation. First, the location is pretty convenient as it is close to various places with interests like the town hall and museum. If you are hungry, you can either eat at their nice restaurant and there are a lot of great places to eat nearby too. I did not run out of food options when I stayed here. Shopping won’t be a problem either as I saw a ton of shops that are just a few blocks away. You can’t blame yourself if you window shop at some stores then decides to buy a lot of things. It is the beauty of being on this side of the town. Second, the room is pretty spacious so you can bring the whole family with you and there is room for the kids to have fun. I saw the bathroom had a ton of useful amenities too and they even provide robes that will be useful when the time is right.


The thing that separates Sydney Fraser Suites from the other hotels that are nearby is their service. I was surprised at how knowledgeable everyone is from the housekeeping staff down to the front desk people. It did not matter what questions I asked whether it was getting to the airport or the best restaurant recommendation. It seems that they were pretty confident of their answers and they certainly know their way around Sydney CBD. I even asked them how to get to a certain street once and they immediately knew how to get there and they told me which train station to ride. They also know that cabs can be quite expensive and it is never good for a budget traveler like me so they told me riding a train is a lot better.