Contact Play Edo for Building Blocks

Play Edo is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of building blocks, and we have been since 1991. Block building is a type of toy that’s designed for young children. While there are many block toys out there, Play Edo blocks are among the most popular. You may already know from play that these building blocks (or blocks) are new on the market and are already a favourite among toy stores and toy enthusiasts. Kids love building and recreating with blocks, and Play Edo blocks allow children to create new things over and over again.

The Play Edo is an educational building block toy that is playful because it helps develop cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. The product also enhances fine motor skills and logical thinking. This toy can be made from plastic, wood or metal. The block is a hollow structure with eight sides. Each block is made of different materials, just contact Play Edo for building blocks.


As a game, Edo allows children to learn while they play. The blocks are used to construct structures with pieces that snap together to create various shapes. Learning how to balance, line up and stack the blocks is important. The blocks are colourful, bright and stimulating, which engages children’s attention.

There are so many great ways to use blocks. Kids can learn in all sorts of ways, from blocks that they can use to create their own games to blocks that help them learn mathematical concepts through play. Blocks build strong motor skills and develop spatial awareness. Kids learn about colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes while building with blocks. They build the foundations of their math skills through play.

Kids build things such as robots, rockets, cars, aeroplanes, homes, bridges, barns, and more. However, when it comes to building things from imagination, the limits are endless, and kids learn to use creativity to come up with ideas of their own.