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VoltLogic is a multi-function solar power smart hybrid/inverter solution that can limit export power to the grid from any value between 0 and the rated power of the system that is also upgradeable in the future to add battery storage.

Key Points:

  1. VoltLogic is the inverter - it is AS4777 approved and replaces other existing inverter solutions
  2. Export Control comes standard as part of the solution - no extra relays or separate products to limit export
  3. Hybrid capable - Add batteries now or in the future  

VoltLogic has export control approval to connect to the following utility networks

  • Ergon/Energex (QLD)
  • Essential Enerrgy
  • Power and Water Corporation (NT)

More networks will be announced in the coming months  

Features & Benefits

Limit export power to the grid for solar PV

  • VoltLogic controls power exported to the grid by limiting solar output. This unique feature enables larger systems to be installed for customers in rural/urban areas where utilties are reducing the size of solar systems that can export to the grid.
  • VoltLogic limits power to any set value from 0 to the rated power of the system
  • No external protection relays or switches are required to limit export
  • Installers can deploy more panels and increase profits. End-users can install larger systems and reduce their power bills.
  • VoltLogic is perfect for rural areas, single phase ,SWER , dual phase and 3 phase sites

Interconnect with storage to charge batteries

  • Charge batteries during the day and run power from batteries at night
  • Hybrid/standalone systems  
  • Future proofing capabilities  

Suitable for single phase or 3 phase installations 5kW - 30kW

Larger systems available upon request

Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia

Localised support

Full warranty support

Approval to connect Australia-wide with AS4777 certification  


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About us

RESA Operations is an emerging provider of energy solutions to industries and communities in Australasia.

The company manufactures VoltLogic, an all-in-one solar power management solution designed to limit export, charge batteries and stabilise voltage.

Its parent company, Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA), owns, designs, develops, manufactures, installs and maintains a unique virtually silent wind turbine known as Eco Whisper Turbine™, which provides a commercial volume of energy to industry, manufacturing, commercial, residential and remote users. www.resau.com.au


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